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We at Baybot have special emphasis on sustainable electronics. We are continuously upgrading to energy- efficient and material-efficient manufacturing techniques. All Baybot products are recyclable and we want to give our customers a proper channel to dispose electronic goods & products. This will ensure that these electronic products are efficiently recycled & do not end up at landfills.

We incentivize our customers to send us any e-waste they may have (even non Baybot products). We ensure that the e- waste is sent to the right recycling centres which are specially enabled to handle e-waste. Recycling helps in greatly reducing the need to extract new resources for manufacturing electronics.

You can pack and ship to us any electronics you have (non – working, broken, obsolete all welcome). Shipping cost to be borne by you. Incentive structure below.

Type Examples Incentive (in form of Baybot store credit which can be used for new purchases)
Small Sized Electronics Smart Watches, Headphones, Earphones, Baybot OpenAlert, SmokeAlert etc. Upto Rs. 150 per device sent
Medium Sized Electronics Smart Phones, DVD Players, Telephone Instruments, Vacuum Cleaners, Baybot Pet Feeder etc. Upto Rs. 300 per device sent
Large Sized Electronics Televisions, Washing Machines, Fridges etc. Upto Rs. 600 per device sent

This initiative is our small step to reach an ultimate sustainability goal of a circular economy where resources are made into products, used, reused and recycled multiple times. Thank you in advance.

Address for shipping the e-waste

Indipal Techpro Pvt.Ltd

B/2, 1st Floor, Jeevan Sangam,
Above SBI, Near Bhavans College,
Off J. P. Road, Andheri (West),
Mumbai – 400058

Please Note: All shipments should be clearly marked as e- waste on the package. Clearly mention on the package that the shipment has no commercial value. Value & eligibility for incentive will be soley decided by Baybot.